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Evolve Bodywork is the private practice of

Lydia Emery CMT, MLD-C

Helping clients for over 16 years with specializations in Pillossage, Neuromuscular Cupping, Trigger Point work and PNF Stretching. My style utilizes a body-friendly approach to access and release the deeper, more stubborn layers of tissue. I don’t buy into the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. Instead, I will work with your nervous system in order to facilitate communication between the mind and muscles. Each massage is customized to address your specific concerns. Together we will discuss your needs as well as come up with a result-oriented plan.

Your aches and pains advance. Your goals shift. Science progresses, and so should your bodywork.


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60 minute therapeutic massage   $133.00

Restore is suited for monthly, regular maintenance care and allots enough time one area of focus.

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90 minute therapeutic massage


Whether your goal is pain relief, relaxation or just the perfect blend of both. Repair is geared to help with chronic pain and tension issues, to rehab muscles, improve circulation, and increase range of motion.

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120 minute therapeutic massage


A unique session created to address the muscles that run along the side of the body as well as what you would expect in a 60 or 90 minute massage. During your two-hour session you will be Supine (face up) Side-lying (on each side) and Prone (face down).


Inclusive Pricing

 A unique experience customized for your treatment goals along with your preferences.  All services may include some combination of:

Deep Therapy

Concentrated pressure along with a slower speed to encourage the fascia, muscles and tendons to relax and realign.​

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Assisted Stretching iStock-1324933880.jpg
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An advanced, gentle form of assisted stretching. Involving both stretching and contracting (activation) of the muscle group being targeted.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching


A calming, thermal modality that uses heat and weight to help accelerate healing, rehabilitation, and improve quality of life for clients with persistent pain, emotional distress, or those who may prefer to remain dressed during their session.  ​

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Neuromuscular Cupping

An ancient therapy where special cups are placed on the skin to create an opposing pressure through localized suction. This sensation causes your pain receptors to become distracted and helps to assist in the unlocking of persistent pain patterns.

Heated Stones

Smooth, heated stones applied to ease muscles stiffness, melt away tension along with promoting your body’s relaxation response.​

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Percussion Massage Therapy Gun

Gentle, but firm vibration therapy. Frequency adjusted according to the purpose: for warming up tissues, soreness/tightness relief, or muscle activation.​

Localized Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A gentle manual technique, based on the four basic Vodder strokes, to help promote the movement of lymphatic fluid. Typically to reduce swelling in acute sprain or​ strain, beneficial for autoimmune disorders.  * This is a limited add on to your massage service and not intended for Post-Op plastic surgery recovery. *

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Appointment Cancellation Policy

Less than 24-hour cancellation fee - $35. Less than 4-hour cancellation or no show - 100% of service. COVID-19 UPDATE: All late cancellation fees will be WAIVED if due to last minute symptoms of illness or fever. Still please notify your therapist BEFORE your session if you need to cancel. However, lack of notice will be considered a "no show". If you need to cancel for any other reasons, please still provide a minimum of 24-hours notice.

COVID-19 Highlights

You can relax knowing your health and wellness is our TOP priority. Our location is following state, county, and industry guidelines to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

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Elevated disinfection and cleaning practices to keep you safe.

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Fresh, clean face coverings required for both client and therapist. 

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Touch-less temperature check, health update, and hand sanitizer before each session.

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Manage appointments and easy check in & check out.

The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself.

Meet Lydia
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Lydia is a Certified Massage Therapist who has been practicing since 2005. She received her training in Pillossage from Karen Kowal, founder of Mother Earth Pillows and Pillossage. In 2021 she earned her Manual Lymphatic Drainage certification from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.  Lydia’s work is deeply rooted in client comfort. She is passionate about both the client’s results as well as their experience while in the treatment room. Through the years she has developed a style of relaxing deep therapy. She works with minimal conversation to help create space for physical and mental rejuvenation. She gives an intuitive massage, slow and specific as your body leads. Before moving to California Lydia owned and operated Stress Knot Massage in Illinois from 2007-2018.

Lydia Emery CMT, MLD-C


Client Testimonials

She discussed my concerns and problem areas and then set expectations for the session.  I have been receiving massage for over ten years and she stands out. I could not recommend her more highly.

Meagan J.

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